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German-Taiwanese Association

The German-Taiwanese Association e.V. (former German Chinese Association – Friends of Taiwan) was founded in 1957, making it the oldest society in Germany and throughout Europe advancing ties to Taiwan.

The association was originally made up of members of the German parliament (Bundestag), who were interested in long-term development of German-Taiwanese relations. Ever since, the DTG has united German and Taiwanese citizens through culture, economics, science and politics.
According to the DTG charter, the association’s purpose is to promote within Germany the understanding of Taiwan in the sense of international relations. The DTG advocates for the continuance, care and strengthening of the multifaceted relationship between Germany and Taiwan. This includes promotion and increase of cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Germany, development of economic relationships, and support for academic relations between the two countries.

The DTG is party-politically neutral, cross-party active in order to keep the scope, which is needed at events with both state and political as well as economic and cultural dialogue partners.
In workshops, lectures and discussion events, we are raising our voice for Taiwan. We understand ourselves as an initiator- this is how the Parliamentarian Friendship Group Berlin-Taipeh was established from our Executive Board in 1989. This parliamentary group includes parliamentarians of all parties and has all the rights of an official parliamentarian group.

Behind the change of name lies a long process of reflection and discussion. Over the past few decades, a Taiwanese identity has emerged – as shown by surveys and studies in recent years. Taiwan needs a strong voice of support. The name change is a black-on-white-commitment and a recognition of the civil society and its democratic successes of the past 30 years as well as a sign against the international discrimination of Taiwan. Our association wants consistency in friendly relations, but also seeks to demonstrate transition and clarity in our organizational orientation and to keep an eye on the dynamics of geopolitical and social changes.

Our mission

Taiwan´s unique political situation within the international arena requires special attention. The diplomatic space for Taiwan is limited. By making the best possible use of our diverse tools we constantly enhance awareness for the right of the people of Taiwan and ensure space for Taiwan to present.

We are raising Taiwan-related issues that are not covered by official Germany policy.

  • Fostering relationships between Taiwan and Germany in the areas of politics, economy, academics and culture
  • Improvement in Taiwan´s status issues
  • Making Taiwan more visible: stronger inclusion of Taiwan in the international community
  • Lobbying for an up-to-date Taiwan policy

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Unterstütze uns

Our long-standing engagement shows a wide range of activity:
From workshops organized within German Bundestag, lectures, reading tours through university cities in order to fill the Taiwan-gap at Chinese Studies Centers to Social Media events, and of course organizing petitions.

Young Taiwan Initiative (Junge Taiwan Initiative JTI)

The JTI was established in December 2019. This young and energetic team of the DTG especially invites young people to engage with Taiwan. The JTI pursues the following tasks and goals in particular:

  • Strengthening the relations between Germany and Taiwan as well as promoting the understanding of the situation of Taiwan among the youth.
  • Organizing activities and events
  • Exchange with other youth associations and youth organizations on a national and international level in order to contribute to solidarity between people of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures

Members of the DTG receive regular information about Taiwan, German-Taiwanese relations as well as invitations to economic forums, cultural events, lectures and receptions.

The German-Taiwanese Association is a registered association. The charitable status of the association is recognized by the state. The annual membership fee is 60 €, for families 90 €, reduced 30 €.

We welcome your interest in the DTG, and we would be happy to update you on the activities of the association and German-Taiwanese relations.

Civil society involvement thrives on dialogue, and we are pleased to invite you the discussion. We are interested in your opinion and we welcome all types of support. Please find our contact information below:

Deutsch-Taiwanische Gesellschaft e.V.
Markgrafenstr. 35
10117 Berlin
Telephone: 030-20 36 14 40
Fax: 030-20 36 14 10