11.12.2021: Taiwan Roundtable: Taiwan Referendum 2021 & Democratic Participation

The Taiwan Referendum 2021 is almost there!
Join our roundtable to learn about Taiwan’s referendum history, the background of the four main topics this time and how younger generation of Taiwanese voters participate in public affairs!
你妳的德國伴侶,朋友對台灣的認識只有兩岸問題及珍珠奶茶?歡迎邀請他們來參加我們的台灣2021公投Roundtable! 我們很榮幸能邀請到台灣的政策決定者,學者及非營組織帶領對台灣關切的德國朋友們認識台灣的公投歷史,此次四大議題的背景及台灣年輕人如何積極參與公共事務的討論。
Saturday, December 11th 10:30-11:30 CET
Free online event
Event language: English

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